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About me

Professional Qualifications:
I hold an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Some of my continuous professional development entails further study on attachment, existential analysis, neuroscience.

My approach:
I describe my practice as relational integrative psychotherapy. I draw from psychoanalytic, humanistic and existential schools of thought. I put an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. For most of us the pain and hurt has happened in the context of some form of relationship or the lack or absence of it. Therefore it makes sense if the therapeutic possibility and help may arise within a therapeutic relationship. Relational psychotherapy has the potential to serve as a springboard for learning a new way of relating first to yourself and then to others and the world.

Finally my current focus is also on researching breathing, meditation and bringing awareness to the body as part of your therapeutic process, following the latest advances of neuroscience.

My experience has shown me that each person is unique in what makes them who they are. This means that each person has also different ways of experiencing similar situations, different ways of learning, deciding and changing. At the same time, to be born a human being means that more or less each person will have to face life's 'givens' one way or the other. This is why in my practice there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' but rather an effort on my part to first and foremost meet you right there on that boundary between the personal and the universal; you in your wider context.

In my view a human being is not a summary of symptoms upon which theories or techniques are applied. You are treated as a person with equal capacity and strength. During the therapy sessions I strive to listen as deeply as I can, so that I may come closer to an appreciation and respect of your problem, puzzlement, question, suffering or despair. Within this space I facilitate a process where you will be assisted to remember, work through and access your own resources, within the mind, the heart, the body and the soul and finally consider and decide on minor or major changes in your thinking and your being.

Besides an exploration of the past equal emphasis is invested in the present as well as the future. In my view, psychotherapy can be thought of as another way of learning how to cultivate presence in your life. I believe that you are not only your past in which you found yourself with your birth but rather you are the being that you wish to discover and become once you develop and own your self-awareness.

My background:
I was born in Greece and studied social work as well as theatre and drama in Athens. Between 1998-2001, I worked as an actress and a creative play facilitator for pre-school and primary school children. From 2001 since 2015, I worked as a social worker for nearly fifteen years both in Greece and then in London.
As an actress I learned to appreciate the psychological significance of story-telling, language, dialogue, embodiment and the human experience and effort around the givens of life 'eros, pathos, thanatos'. As a social worker I met individuals and groups during critical times of their lives and I experienced together with them acute multi-layered disadvantaged adversity, complex, compound and trans-generational trauma and substantial risk. My social work practice had a profound impact on my way of being and my worldview and together with my previous time in art and theatre they opened up the way towards psychotherapy.
I continued my post graduate studies in Psychotherapy in London while being in analysis for more than five years. I have been practising and working as a therapist since 2014 with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and personal histories. I am on this journey of attending to people whilst working on my personal development for the last fifteen years.

My core value:
I have faith that each life has each own unique rightful space in our shared experience. I also believe that each one of us have an inevitable duty of care towards the other. To the extent that each person takes up their true space in their life and lives it, to that extent the entire planet and universe is benefited and helped as well. Therefore, each individual therapy is a contribution, a responsibility and an investment to the entire humanity.

One final thought:
In my professional and personal experience of therapy, I believe that what is likely to be helpful sits beyond technique and school of thought or professional status. What is likely to be helpful can be found in the little willingness of the two therapeutic partners to build a relationship of trust and acceptance.

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