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About me

Professional Qualifications:
I hold an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Some of my ongoing personal and professional development is on DIT (dynamic interpersonal therapy) as well as an integral theory of consiousness.

My approach:
I describe my practice as a process of discovery and self-exploration. I am influenced by psychodynamic, humanistic/existential schools, phenomenology and integral theory. I put an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and I invite an exploration of relationships in general.

My approach is not recommended for people who wish to get rid of symptoms or for people who are at risk of harm. People who need immediate pain relief or feel at risk, need to go to their GP or through the NHS where they can perhaps access different approaches such as CBT etc.

My approach addresses problems, situations and symptoms as messengers of significant callings for change.
We will not try to fight or fix those symptoms but we will try to understand what is it that they carry for you. When you discover what are these messages about, the symptoms often subside or become friendly companions and not opponents on your way towards your self.

There is also possibility to integrate breathing practices and meditation as part of your therapeutic process, if this is something you would like to explore.

My therapeutic approach is open to spiritual seekers who wish to integrate their therapeutic process with their spritual faith or spiritual seeking and learn how therapy and faith or spirituality may compliment and not antagonise or oppose one another.

I currently work part time for the NHS where I offer short-term psychodynamic counselling.

In my private practice I only offer open-ended psychotherapy currently.

My background:
I was born in Greece and studied social work as well as theatre and drama in Athens. Between 1998-2001, I worked as an actress and a creative play facilitator for pre-school and primary school children. From 2001 since 2015, I worked as a social worker for nearly fifteen years both in Greece and then in London.
As an actress I learned to appreciate the psychological significance of myth, story-telling, language, dialogue, embodiment and the human experience.
As a social worker I met individuals and groups during critical times of their lives and I experienced together with them acute multi-layered disadvantaged adversity, complex, compound and trans-generational trauma and substantial risk. My social work practice had a profound impact on my way of being and my worldview and together with my previous time in art and theatre they opened up the way towards psychotherapy.
I continued my post graduate studies in Psychotherapy in London where I have been practising and working as a therapist since 2014 with people from varied backgrounds, cultures and personal histories.

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