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What is therapy and what is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Therapy is based on a private conversation that takes place in a safe and quiet space during the therapy sessions between the client and the therapist. The process of talking to someone that is trained to listen carefully and deeply about your thoughts and feelings making no judgement but reflecting with you on your personal history opens up the possibility for you to come to a place of more clarity and more options about your problem, question, quest.

Counselling can be thought of as a time-specific piece of work, which is focused on certain areas of life and tailored upon each client’s needs.

Psychotherapy can be thought of as a longer-term process that carries the potential for transformative internal and perhaps external changes as well.

One is not better or more successful than the other. It is more likely that at different stages in our life we may need or we may be ready for different things. Some people happen to have therapy for many years and some people choose to come to therapy for a certain period of time. There are also people who return to therapy for certain periods of time throughout their life, because they find it helpful to be with a therapist while they experience significant stages or changes during their journey in time.

There can be no valid judgement by me or any other person about where you are in your journey and whether you are successful or not. The way we will work together will hopefully help you to develop such a relationship with your self that you may trust your own process, recognise your potential and open up new ways of thinking about any presenting limitations.

Your autonomy and free will , your identity and its expression are fully respected in their own uniqueness.

Counselling and psychotherapy both help to create an environment within which you can pause, sit and think about your self and your life together with your therapist in order to come closer to your own personal meaning and lead your life with greater peace and acceptance.

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