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Therapy is based on a private and confidential conversation that takes place in a safe and quiet space during the therapy sessions between two human beings. The process of talking to someone, who is trained to make space for you and try to listen carefully and deeply about your thoughts and feelings making no judgement, opens up the possibility for you to come to a place of more clarity and novel possibilities about your questions or perceived problems.

Counselling usually has a specific focus because it is time-limited.
Psychotherapy is usually open-ended and involves a process of discovery, exploration and in depth work within one's self and life.

It is likely that different people will seek different solutions to their problems or different pathways to their goals and that has to do with each person's personality, worldview and personal circumstances. There can be no valid judgement by me or any other person about what is best for you. What you will try to help yourself with is your own personal choice and responsibility.

Counselling and psychotherapy both carry the potential to create a holding environment within which you can pause, sit and think about your self and your life together with your therapist in order to come closer to a deeper sense of yourself and move forward with openness to novel possibilities about how you might engage with your life.

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